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If I had a missile system I would point it at Blizzard and launch.  It's a good thing for Blizzard that I'll probably never acquire a missile system.  ~Rots

Update 8-5-14  I have acquired my missle system.  Countdown sequence initiated...

Hello Exile!

Welcome to Casual Killers' site!  We are a social guild striving to be the best social guild in the world, In WoW.  We also have almost 1000 toons.  Imagine a guild which 40-60+ players are on at night, running dungeons, raiding, questing, old school raiding and transmog runs, achievement runs, pvping and just basically leveling together and having fun.  We have it!  We are always striving to do more and more content.  We are level 25, too!

Rots really knows how to run an effective and successful guild and is well known, on Blackhand, for being one of the best GMs on the server.  Our officers, cadets, core, and members are also there to help you if you have any questions or need help with anything.  We are here to help you level and gear.  That's what a good guild is all about!  So, sit back and enjoy the ride and be a part of something that has grown to be an awesome guild to belong to both while you level and after you cap out and are gearing for raiding content.

We also give away thousands of gold worth of stuff every week, to our guildies.  We have many contests and giveaways throughout the week.  We give out some very cool prizes too!  We help our guildies level up their professions, too, by supplying guild mats to make things like bags, gear, glyphs etc for the guild, when possible.  In fact, we powerlevel well over 2500 professions levels every week for guildies, at a tune of between 20-30k gold per week worth of mats.  The guild will be able to sustain this indefinitely, because Rots is a master of the market and has incorporated playing the market with guild management.  Between two accounts, we have a massive storage system (over 8700 spaces!) on Blackhand, to help us store almost everything we need to help you with those professions!  And the storage system is nearly full of good stuff!

(Update 8/29/13)  Professional Powerleveling is temporarily being supended to work on other, more important guild endeavors but will definitely continue again in the future.

Currently we are giving free enchants to "Member" ranked toons of level 90 with epic gear to enchant.  These do not include any enchants which require any Sha Crystals, unortunately, but the others which don't are completely free on the guild.  Casual Killers has tons of Spirit Dust, Mysterious Essence, and Ethereal Shards to do this enchanting for you for months to come!  We also provide free enchants for anyone with pvp gear, of any level, to help promote pvp in our guild.  Another thing we do, to promote pvp, is provide free crafted Malevolent gear to anyone in the guild who is interested in trying out pvp and can't afford the gear to start.

We have Mumble, which, for those of you who don't know, is a FREE voice chat program, which can be easily and quickly downloaded and installed from mumble.com.  Feel free to join us on Mumble.  Those who are on Mumble typically receive more advice and help because it is easier and quicker to talk then to type, of course.  Plus, it's a very fun thing to add to your gaming experience.  If you need any help setting it up, let an officer know.  We'll be glad to help!

We also offer 8 bank tabs, which always contain at least 600k gold worth of stuff!  Our guild vault is open for anyone to come up and grab what they need or deposit stuff they don't need, which someone else might need.  You won't believe the awesomeness of what we have in our guild vault, for you to level/progress at 90 with!  We don't have garbage in our vault!  It's your guild vault.  Use it if it will help you level!

We are a friendly guild, with friendly players, helpful members, and the knowledge both to build a large guild up and maintain it well.  We welcome anyone, no matter your level or experience.  Afterall, we all started out somewhere.  Being in Casual Killers will give you an edge you won't necessarily have being guildless or being in a shoddy guild.  We welcome you to come have a good time with us!  Just do a /who casual killers to get a list of players who would be happy to invite you to our guild.

Some quick facts about our guild:  as of 8/31/2013 we have 461 active level 90 toons, 597 maxed professions which include 52 alchemists, 67 enchanters, 28 leather workers, 43 inscriptionists, 37 blacksmiths, 56 tailors, 45 skinners, 130 miners, 49 jewelcrafters, 62 herbalists, and 28 engineers all maxed out!  We always have close to 1000 toons, too!

It's merchant guild time at Casual Killers.  As of Friday, April 12th, 2013, we are officially going to be starting to dominate the market on Blackhand horde!  Rots is teaching everyone who wants to be rich like him how to make gold in this game.  Every month we are having a gold making workshop on Mumble.  No mic required to listen in and learn how to be a money mogul on World of Warcraft!

MoP Raid progression:  6/6 MSV (we did it in our first raid night with 0 wipes), 4/6 HoF, 2/12 ToT

Record week for professions powerlevels at over 3100 levels from April 2nd to April 9th!  We are on a roll!  Going to beat this record soon, too!

Please do NOT apply for our guild on this website.   I don't check those and there is no way, that I know of, to disable this feature.

Please see our Forums/News area for information on contests, giveaways and events.

If you are still not convinced, keep reading the following forum post about our guild vault:

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